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Electronic logbook concepts

Below is a summary of the work-time concepts used:

Work Shift (aka Shift)

  • Describes a 'day of work'.
  • Commences (started at) the moment you start working, regardless if that is driving or general administration activities and definitely includes other non-driving related work that you might do (aka. parrallel employment).
  • Needs to be ended within 14 hrs of starting. This is the most often misunderstood rule, particularly for those who drive part-time.
  • Must be followed by a 10 hrs period (same Work Period - see below) of non-work (off duty).

Work Log (aka Log)

  • Describe an entry in a drivers logbook.
  • Is one of Driving, Other Duty, Rest Break, End Work.
  • Has a started at and location description and may include a distance (kms) record if driving a vehicle that has been marked as subjet to RUC.
  • Is editable until a Shift is Locked.

Work Period (aka Period)

  • Describes a 'working week'.
  • Is a collection of Shifts that legally should be separated by at least 10 hrs of non-work (off duty).
  • Has a legal maximum total of logged work-time from all Shifts of 70 hrs.
  • Is automatically generated by system based on the started at time of a new Shift at which point the Period balance is updated.