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Uber discounted subscription

Logmate has partnered with Uber allowing Uber drivers to get a discounted Logmate subscription. 

Since Logmate doesn't have access to Ubers billing system Uber handles all aspects of the Logmate subscription provided by Uber directly. This means Us here at Logmate cannot issue this discounted rate the only way to obtain is by contacting Uber directly and subscribing.

After subscribing it will take Uber a few days to get your information added into the Logmate system. At that time you will receive a confirmation email from Logmate asking you to confirm your new account. 

Once you confirm your account you will have access to the Logmate application.

To ask any questions about the use of Logmate you can reach out to the Uber support team. Alternatively, phone support is now available for you to call!

Speak to a friendly Uber team member by contacting +64 9888 0766 (available weekdays from 10am - 6pm).