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Not Populating My Location or Providing Accurate Location

The App relies on the device to provide GPS co-ordinates from which it generates a human-readable (& NZTA compliant) Location description.

Some phones, particularly older model &/or lower spec'd ones, may have a noticeable lag when it comes to updating the location. In this situation if you simply wait a minute or so and then click the location icon to refresh things, that should update to a more accurate value.

If you continue to experience inaccurate loccations, try turning off WIFI. 

Failing that send our Support Team a ticket with details about your location, your phone and anything else that you think might help us recreate the issue.

Troubleshooting GPS/Location Steps:

1. Clearing the cache and app data on both maps and Logmate application:
You can do this by going to your settings>applications>application manager>scroll down to maps and click on it, select "storage" and then clicking on clear data and clear cache. Do the same process for the Logmate application too.

2. Turn Location Off and then back On

3. Go into "Maps" and click on the location button and have it find your current location then re open Logmate and try it again.

4. You might check to see if your "maps" or Logmate application might need an update. Go to Google Play, Click the three lines on top left next to search box, click on "My Apps and Games" and it'll check to see if any application needs an update.

5. After all of this restart your phone again and try again.