Buying a Subscription | logmate

Buying a Subscription

Towards the end of your Free Trial you will receive a notice and/or an email advising you that you will need a subscription to continue to use Logmate.

Drivers manage their Subscriptions via the Driver Admin

Follow these steps:

  1. Log into the Driver Admin
  2. Click Subscriptions

  3. Click Add Subscription button
  4. Select either Monthly or Annual
  5. Enter your details into the form & click Subscribe button
  6. You will be directed to or Payment Processor page where you will enter your payment details into a secured page

  7. Click Subscribe button and wait for the page to finish processing. DO NOT click Back or shut your Browser while this process is underway
  8. Once complete you should be redirected back to the Admin where you will be able to see your newly purchased subcription
  9. Finally if you are Logged into the App you MUST Logout and then Login to load your new subscription details.
  10. Done!