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Work-Time Rules

Our interpretation of the Work-Time rules are as follows:

You can only be On Duty (work) within a 14 hr window
e.g. Start: 8am, Finish: 10pm

This is based off the rules as stipulated on the NZTA website, being:

  • Work time includes all time spent working regardless of whether it is time spent driving or doing other work
  • In general, drivers must take a break of at least 30 minutes after 5.5 hrs of work time, no matter what type of work takes place
    • If you drive only TAXI or SPSV during a Work Shift, then you are allowed 7 hrs continuous work time between each 30 minute rest break
  • In a Work day (aka Work Shift) a driver can work a maximum of 13 hrs and then must take a continuous break of at least 10 hrs (as well as the required half-hour rest breaks)
  • A Work Shift
    • must not exceed 24 hrs, and
    • begin after 10 hrs of continuous period of rest time (aka Off Duty)
  • A Work Period:
    • must not exceed 70hrs of work time before a continuous break of at least 24hrs (Day Off)


If you are in any doubt then please refer all queries to the NZTA.