OVERVIEW of Logmate

Logmate is an NZ Transport Agency approved electronic drivers logbook. If you choose to use Logmate you no longer have to use paper.

Logmate is not just an App. It is a platform that includes a cloud based back-end system which is responsible for storing your Work-time history as well as providing you with an Admin interface through which you can manage your account and view your data from your computer.

Logmate requires a data connection (3G/4G or Wifi) in order to work. If you travel in and out of coverage for the most part it will continue to work unaffected.
All Alerts and Notifications are triggered from the App itself, so will not be affected by coverage.

Logmate also stores your most recent 20 logbook records (shifts) so even if pulled over in an area of no coverage, an enforcement officer is able to view your work history.

Logmate is a Software-as-a-Service which means you pay a subscription fee as opposed to purchasing it out right. 

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