Assign Subscriptions to my Drivers

Transport Operators are able to purchase, assign and manage Subscriptions for their Drivers.

Follow these steps:

1) Navigate to the Subscriptions area of the Operators Admin (assumes you have completed the Sign Up process)
2) Click ADD SUBSCRIPTION button
3) Select SUBSCRIPTION PLAN that suits from the list displayed

4) Complete the payment details ensuring that you wait for a Payment confirmation.
5) Return to the SUBSCRIPTIONS area where you should now be able to see your newly purchase Subscription

6) Click on the Subscription to view more detail

7) Select LICENSES tab to view assigned and available licenses
8) Click on one of the available LICENSES and assign an existing Driver OR create new User (Driver) invitation. This will send an email to the recipient which requires them to create an account on Logmate, if they don't already have one.

9) Once accepted, your Drivers will then be able to record their work-time via Logmate and you will have access to their logbooks immediately.


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