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  1. 2degrees Customers

  2. Add a COMMENT to a page (shift)

  3. Add a NOTE to a Logbook entry (activity)

  4. ADD a Vehicle

  5. Android KEYBOARD issues with PREDICTIVE text

  6. Assign Subscriptions to my Drivers

  7. Can a VEHICLE have more than 1 type of use

  8. Can I access HELP on my Device?

  9. Can I make CHANGES to a Logbook after it has been Locked

  10. Can I START a new Logbook page before I have Locked the previous one

  11. Can I use MULTIPLE DEVICES to access my Logbook

  12. Can't LOCK Shift

  13. CHANGE between DRIVE and OTHER DUTY

  14. Didn't get FREE Trial subscription

  15. Didn't receive confirmation email

  16. Do I have to SIGN OUT each day

  17. Driver Registration

  18. Driver Setup & First time use

  19. EDIT (change) a Logbook entry

  20. EDIT a Log Entry

  21. End a REST BREAK

  22. END Work

  23. Essentials CHECKLIST

  24. EXPORT my Logbook for an Enforcement Officer

  25. Ferry Time

  26. Getting SETUP

  27. GPS Data, Search warrants & why paper logbooks pose a greater risk

  28. How can I EXPORT my Logbook

  29. How much will it COST me to use Logmate

  30. How to cancel my Subscription and stop being charged

  31. How will I know when I'm DUE for a BREAK

  32. How your SUBSCRIPTION works

  33. I have to enter my PIN &/or log in with my email regularly

  34. Invalid PASSWORD issues

  35. Invalid PIN & Number Keyboard

  36. Is my Logbook PRIVATE

  37. New Subscription not working

  38. OVERVIEW of Logmate

  39. Paying for your SUBSCRIPTION

  40. RECORD Days off work (annual leave or sick)

  41. Recording KMs for Vehicles subject to RUC

  42. REOPEN (continue) a Closed Log

  43. SEND a copy of my Logbook to my Employer

  44. SETUP a Vehicle Operator

  45. Sign In button NOT working

  46. START Work

  47. Switching between VEHICLES

  48. Take a REST BREAK

  49. Telecom Wifi Issue

  50. UPDATE (change) my ACCOUNT DETAILS

  51. VIEW my Logbook (work) history

  52. What do you do with my DATA

  53. What does LOCK do

  54. What happens if an Officer pulls me over when there is NO COVERAGE

  55. What happens if I CANCEL my account

  56. What happens if I DON'T have any Phone coverage

  57. What happens if I FORGET my PASSWORD

  58. What happens if I LOSE my phone

  59. What Happens if my BATTERY is Running Low

  60. What happens when I LOCK my Work Shift

  61. What is an EXPORT TOKEN

  62. What is my DASHBOARD telling me

  63. What kind of DATA do you collect from me

  64. Why can't I edit a REMARK/NOTE after my shift

  65. Why CAN'T I just buy Logmate like other software

  66. Why CAN'T I set 'Started At' in the past sometimes

  67. Why CAN'T I set the 'Started At' value ahead of time

  68. Why do I have to END Work

  69. Why does Logmate need GPS capabilities to be enabled


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