When you are finished work for the day it is important to end your shift. This indicates that your current cumulative work day is over and your continuous 10 hour rest period is commencing. You can learn more about these topics in our articles:

The "End Shift" button can display in two different places:

  • If you are due to end your shift in order to stay compliant (or are overdue) it will appear at the bottom of your screen.

  • If you are ending your shift prior to your required time it will appear in the side menu

Pro tip:
You are responsible for making sure all entries are true and accurate.

Check all the information that has been autofilled into each field to ensure they are true and accurate. The click the blue Save button in the top right corner

I Forgot To End My Shift

We are all human and everyone is forgetful from time to time. If you finish your cumulative work period and forget to end your shift there is an easy fix.

  • Simply click on end shift and edit your time field to the accurate time that you finished (the maximum work time of 24 hours will show in red text)

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