Currently both Uber and Ola have the ability to provide a Logmate Digital Logbook Subscription to drivers that operate under their TSLs.

Any fees charged to you through the rideshare platforms come from the rideshare company themselves and is not a fee from Logmate. Each rideshare company has individually determined the fees they wish to charge their drivers for anything related to their compliance requirements.

Activating Your Subscription

If you wish to be provided a subscription from your rideshare company you will need to contact them directly.

If you have any questions regarding your subscription please contact your rideshare company operator directly.

Driving For Multiple Rideshare Companies

The Rideshare companies are aware that their drivers use multiple platforms. Please read our article "Driving For Multiple Rideshare Companies" to get more information on how to do this through your digital logbook.

Pro tip: You only need to hold one Logmate Digital Logbook Subscription regardless of how many Rideshare Companies you operate for.

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