Logmate has partnered with Uber to provide digital logbooks to their drivers at a discounted rate. There are a few things that are unique about this discounted subscription that you need to be aware of.

Activating Your Subscription

You will need to contact Uber directly to request your discounted digital logbook subscription from Logmate.

Driving For Multiple Rideshare Companies

The Rideshare companies are aware that their drivers use multiple platforms. Please read our article "Driving For Multiple Rideshare Companies" to get more information on how to do this through your digital logbook.

Pro tip: You only need to be provided a subscription through one rideshare company

Currently any rideshare discounted subscriptions are handled through the rideshare companies themselves. This means Logmate cannot issue the discounted rate or renew subscriptions at this rate. 

Note: The only way to obtain the discounted rate is to contact the rideshare company directly before subscribing.

After subscribing, it will take the ride-share company a few days to get your information added into the Logmate system. When your subscription is ready to be activated you will receive an email from Logmate asking you to confirm your new account.

If you have any questions regarding your subscription please contact your rideshare company operator directly.

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