Our primary goal at Logmate is to make it easier for Drivers and Transport Operators to adhere to the NZ Work-Time rules; and everything associated with compliance, including Logbook requirements and Work Safe regulations. 

We identified a main factor was establishing a great connection between the drivers using the Logmate digital logbook and the Transport Operators associated with the vehicles being driven.

We are continuing to develop this connection between Drivers and Transport Operators with some exciting new features on the horizon. In the meantime we hope you enjoy the amazing benefits of joining Logmate as a Transport Operator:

Free Administration Account

  • Joining Logmate as a Transport Operator is currently FREE!!

See All Your Drivers In Real Time

  • Get real-time data on all your drivers including their work-time balances, who is on shift and what vehicle they are driving

Reduce Administration Time

  • See work-time violations instantly for all your drivers 
  • Export their logbooks for auditing purposes at the click of a button
  • Logbook data never disappears

Provide and Manage Subscriptions To Your Drivers 

  • Buy subscriptions for new drivers and end subscriptions for those that not longer work for you all from within you Operator Admin Portal

So what are you waiting for? Sign Up for a Transport Operator Account with Logmate today and start enjoying simplicity 

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