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Why Should I Create A Transport Operator Account With Logmate?
Why Should I Create A Transport Operator Account With Logmate?

Why not make the switch from paper to digital to make your administration requirements a little easier

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At Logmate we pride ourselves on making driver health and safety our top priority. Our digital logbook provides drivers with a simple and easy to use tool to record their work time and fulfil all their legal requirements. 

However, we quickly realised that the driver is a small part of a big picture and that we have the ability to extend our commitment to health and safety to the Transport Operators who manage them. So we worked hard to identify the needs of those in the industry to make sure we can provide a turn-key solution no matter the size of the fleet. 

Transport Operator 

Potential Needs

  • To streamline business processes and reduce costs

  • To establish and/or improve compliance processes to satisfy WorkSafe requirements

  • To provide meaningful visibility of driver work time balances and compliance performance that paper logbooks don't supply

Potential Problems

  • External clients are increasingly demanding compliance (Chain of Responsibility protection) reporting in order to fulfil contractual & service-level agreements (SLAs)

  • Managers are constantly chasing drivers for copies of their logbooks and dread the prospect of being audited

  • Managers are time-poor and face mounting pressure to streamline operations in order to meet business growth and profitability targets

Our Solution: Logmate

  • Easy to use, NZTA approved electronic logbook for Android and iOS

  • Provides real-time access to drivers work time balances (Admin portal or via API)

  • Turn-key solution that satisfies supply-chain partners compliance process requirements

  • Eliminates administration and reduces the cost of driver logbook management

  • Flexible terms; No contracts, minimum terms/spend or termination fee

  • Satisfies the New Zealand Work Time & Logbook Laws and Health & Safety at Work Act

So what are you waiting for? Sign Up for a Transport Operator Account with Logmate today

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