The connection between the drivers and the operators whose TSL they are driving under is extremely important. Not only from an administration point of view but also because of legal requirements. Therefore, we have made it easy to link yourself with your drivers whether you have one driver or a hundred.

Before you can link drivers to your TSL you will need to:

Single Import

In you Operator Admin Portal you will see a button titled Drivers in the side menu.

When you click on this button it will pull up all drivers currently linked to your TSL and group them by whether they are on or off duty in real time. 

Note: If you received an email request from a driver who operates under your TSL to start using a Logmate digital logbook they will automatically appear here.

If you want to add a new driver to operate under your TSL click on the green New Driver button in the top right corner of your screen

You can type in either their drivers license number or email address to see if they already have a Logmate drivers account.

If they have a drivers account you will be prompted to add them as a driver and/or an admin (this will give them access to the Operator Admin portal). They will be sent an email asking whether they accept or decline your request. If it's accepted they will be added to your drivers list. If they already have an active digital logbook subscription you will instantly have real time access to their work-time balances.

If they do not have an active driver account with Logmate you can prompt them to create one. If they accept your request they will receive an email asking them to create a driver account with Logmate. 

Bulk Import

If you have a large fleet of drivers that you would like assign to drive under your TSL it would be extremely tedious to import them one at a time. Therefore, we have enabled a bulk import feature so you can upload all their details at one time. 

Navigate to the Driver section in you Operator Admin Portal. Click on the blue button titled Bulk Import Drivers in the top right corner of your screen. 

The easiest way to bulk import your drivers is to download the sample CSV file found on the right hand side of your screen. 

Populate the .csv file with your drivers information (email, first and last name)

Upload the file and click the blue Load and Validate button

Depending on whether your drivers already have an account with Logmate they will either be asked to accept the request to drive under your TSL or create a new driver account and then accept the request.

Pro tip: In both methods your drivers will appear as pending until they either accept or decline your request to link them to your TSL.

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