The process to archive a driver from with your Operator Admin Portal is very simple. However, if you are providing that driver with a digital logbook subscription there is one very important step you need to take first. You need to remove that driver from one of your subscription licenses.  

Pro tip: To remove a driver from a subscription license read our article 'Managing Your Driver Subscriptions

Archiving The Driver

Once you have removed any subscriptions assigned to a driver you can archive their accounts association with your TSL.

Note: This association will never be deleted due to the legal requirement to maintain historic logbook record.

Step One: Log into your Operator Admin Portal

Step Two: Click on your Operator Name and then User Management

Step Three: Select the driver you would like to archive. Then click on edit.

Step Four: Unselect the roles you wish to unassign from the user and click the blue save button

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