The security of your Logmate digital logbook is exceptionally important. You are responsible for all entries made in your logbook and there are very steep fines if you are ever in violation of your logbook requirements.

However, you are more than likely going to be using a single device for your electronic logbook and you will be the only person that uses that device. 

Therefore instead of always entering your Drivers Licence number and password you can set up a quick login method. These methods include:

  • a 4 digit pin

  • biometrics (if your device is compatible)

After you enter your Licence Number and password, and click Submit

You will be asked to select a security method

If you have Biometrics enabled on your device you can use this method

If not, you can use a 4 digit pin (you will have to enter it twice)

  • It will first ask you to set the pin

  • Then enter the pin again to login

Note: The validity of a security method will be approximately 7 days; however, this can be shorter if you device clears the cached data for any reason.

If you Logout, then a new session will need to be created the next time you log in. 

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