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Managing Your Admin Users As A Transport Operator
Managing Your Admin Users As A Transport Operator

How to add your admin staff members and assign a primary admin

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In Logmate you can provide access to your Operator Admin portal to as many different administrative team members as you wish. This means that you can share tasks like inviting new drivers, removing drivers and managing logbook subscriptions.

You can also create a generic "primary admin" for your business which simplifies TSL assignment for your Drivers.

Adding a New Admin User

To add a New Admin User, first, log in to your Operator Admin Portal and navigate to User Management in the dropdown box under your Company name.

Click the green add user button in the top right of your screen

Enter the Admins email and click search

Fill in all the required information and press the blue Create Admin User button

The Admin User will receive an email to Activate their Account on Logmate.

Note: Users will only be visible once they have confirmed their account.

Adding a User with an existing Logmate account

Enter the Admins email and click search

If an existing User with that email was found. Invite them to be a User for your company.

When submitted, the User will receive an invitation email which they must approve to set things up.

Viewing all Users

In your User Management Dashboard, you are able to see All Users (& their Roles). Additionally, you can see their invitation status and active users.

You can reissue pending invitations or dismiss an invitation if it is no longer required.

Editing Roles for an Active User

If you need to make any changes to the role an existing Active User holds within your company, simply click the blue hyperlink for their name

Under the 'Edit" tab, you can select or deselect a Driver or Admin role.

To remove a User as an Admin Role, simply deselect the Admin tick and click Save.

A confirmation box will appear, to which you will need to click 'OK'

Creating A Generic Primary Admin User

Currently, when you send an invitation to a Driver by default it will appear to come from the Admin User who created the Operator Account for your Company (for example Joe Bloggs) rather than the company itself (for example Joes Trucking).

We understand this could be confusing for drivers, especially is someone from within your organisation who your drivers may not recognise by name (for example Sally Bloggs) has set up your companies account with Logmate.

So if you want the invitation to appear to come from the company itself you can set up a generic admin user.

For Example:

First Name: Joes

Family Name: Trucking

Once you have followed the steps above to confirm the admin user account, simply email us at and ask us to assign this generic admin user as your companies Primary Admin

Important Note: You will need to use an email that you would like to receive communication from Logmate through, logmate@yourbusiness is a good idea because you can provide access to this email to anyone within your company as you see fit.

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