When you first register a Driver Account with Logmate you need to confirm your email address in order to Activate Your Account. We also periodically send out emails to user letting you know about new features or upcoming events in your service.

The email address you will receive communication from is: noreply@logmate.co.nz

To ensure you receive emails from and/or regarding Logmate, follow the relevant instructions below:

Google Mail Users

  1. Select contacts from Gmail dropdown menu on the left-hand side of Gmail Inbox

  2. Select contacts > add to contacts from top menu

  3. Enter noreply@logmate.co.nz

  4. Select Add

Windows Live Hotmail Users

  1. Open email settings

  2. Select options from the menu

  3. Select Safe and blocked senders > Safe Senders

  4. Type noreply@logmate.co.nz into Sender or domain to mark as safe

  5. Click Add to list >>

  6. Need more, refer to http://windows.microsoft.com/en-NZ/windows/outlook-help

Yahoo!Xtra Webmail Users

  1. Add Contacts link, left-hand panel in your inbox

  2. Enter noreply@logmate.co.nz

  3. Save

  4. Need more, refer to https://www.spark.co.nz/help/internet-email/plans-services/yahoo-xtra-mail-basics-and-support/

If an email from Logmate is in the SPAM folder, you should mark it as Not SPAM to whitelist it. 

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