Congratulations, you have made the first steps towards a paperless future and are ready to create an account with Logmate. If you still haven't downloaded the Logmate App our article 'Downloading The Logmate App' will show you how. 

We have made creating an account with Logmate easy so you have no barriers to making the switch from paper. You can do this either on the Digital Logbook App or through the Logmate website. If you are having some trouble please follow along the steps below:

Step One: Register now

Click on the register now button to create an account

Step Two: Enter your information

You will need to provide your name, drivers licence information, contact details and create a password

Step Three: Welcome to Logmate

Congratulations on becoming a part of the Logmate family. We are so happy to have you!

Step Four: Confirm your email address

In order to activate your account you will need to confirm you email address.

Bonus: The first 21 days using your new Logmate Digital Logbook are free!

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