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Driving Under Multiple Operators
Driving Under Multiple Operators

A copy of your Digital Logbook needs to be available to all operators you drive for

Updated over a week ago

We understand there are a significant number of self-employed drivers who contract out to different Transport Operators and Rideshare companies in New Zealand.

It is a legal requirement to provide a copy of your logbook to all operators you drove for during a particular work day. Here at Logmate we understand the amount of drivers that require a tool to make switching between TSLs seamless so we are working hard to create this functionality.ย 

In the meantime here is the easiest way to accomplish this:

  • If you are using different vehicles for each Transport Operator then assign the correct TSL holder when adding a new vehicle

  • If you are using the same vehicle with different Transport Operators, create two vehicle records and assign them to the two different TSL holder. Read our article 'Driving For Multiple Rideshare Companies' to learn more.

โ€‹Pro tip: When you lock your shift a copy of your logbook will be sent to all TSL holders identified by the vehicles driven during that shift.

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