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Add Vehicles In Your Logmate App
Add Vehicles In Your Logmate App

Add new vehicles from within your Digital Logbook

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Every time you record a drive entry in your logbook you will need to say what vehicle you are driving. This is both:

  1. a compliance requirement and,

  2. how we at Logmate know who to deliver copies of your logbook to (via the TSL assigned to the vehicle)

To add a new vehicle you can click on the vehicle icon at the bottom of the dashboard and then click the + button.

Note: You have to add a vehicle before starting your first shift

You will need to add the following details:

  1. The rego (licence plate) number. You will not be able to edit this after the vehicle is saved!!

  2. The type of vehicle (if you want the 7 hour work time exemption it needs to be SPSV or TAXI)

  3. The TSL Holder you are driving under

    1. If you hold your own TSL keep this as Owner Operator

    2. If you need to add a TSL Holder click on the + icon (Add A TSL Holder)

    3. If you already have a TSL Holder loaded then select the correct one. This is who will get sent a copy of your logbook when this vehicle is used in the shift.

  4. The odometer of your vehicle. This is optional. If you want to require this as a field click on the slider


Pro tip: If you ever need to edit your vehicles go to your Driver Admin Portal and read our article 'Managing Your Vehicles' to learn more

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