The first time you log into your Logmate Digital Logbook you will be asked to add a vehicle to get started. 

You can also always add more vehicles later by navigating to your side menu

clicking on Vehicles

and clicking on the + button in the top right corner

Note: You have to add a vehicle before starting your first shift

To add a vehicle to your Digital Logbook just enter your registration number, the vehicle type, the TSL holder and whether Odometer tracking is required for road user charges (RUCs)

Note: If you are a TSL holder leave the field as Owner Operator, otherwise press the + button to send an invite to your TSL holder to receive copies of your Digital Logbook

Click on the blue save button and your vehicle will be added to your account.


Pro tip: If you ever need to edit your vehicles go to your Driver Admin Portal and read our article 'Managing Your Vehicles' to learn more

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