Starting A Shift

You're all signed up and ready to start driving. Find out how to start a shift in your Digital Logbook.

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A shift in Logmate represents your Cumulative Work Day. Once you start your shift you will have a 14 hour work window in which you can complete up to 13 hours of work time.

There are three buttons you need to understand when going to start a new shift.

  1. "Review & Lock Shift": You have not locked your previous shift. You need to do this before you can start a new one.

  2. "Orange New Shift": You have not taken enough time off yet to legally start a new Cumulative Work Day. If you do you will be in violation. The countdown timer will show how much longer you have to wait to legally start a new shift.

  3. "Green New Shift": You have taken enough rest time and you can legally start a new cumulative work day. The countdown timer should be in green and display 00.

Drive or Other Duty?

Depending on the type of work you are about to do will decide what type of entry you are going to make in your logbook.

  • Drive: Any commercial driving you are doing which requires you to keep a logbook in the first place.

  • Other Duty: All other work you are doing which could be totally different employment or duties relating to your driving work

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