At the end of the day we understand that keeping a logbook is a legal requirement and we appreciate you choosing to keep a Digital Logbook with Logmate!

Occasionally you could be asked by an Enforcement Officer or Police Officer to provide them with a copy of your logbook to make sure you are complying with NZ Work-time laws. We have made it easy to do this from within your Digital Logbook App.

Note: Enforcement officials can not see your Digital Logbook unless they request copies for inspection either from you or your Transport Operator

Step One: From your main screen press the ☰  button to access your side menu

Step Two: Tap Enforcement

Step Three: Hand your phone (digital logbook) over to the enforcement officer for them to complete.

Note: If you are an Enforcement Officer please read our article Roadside Logbook Export to find out how to obtain a copy of a drivers logbook

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