As a driver it is your responsibility to ensure that every entry made into your digital logbook is true and accurate. Several factors could lead to inaccurate entries including:

  • Automatic generation of date/time and location

  • The user forgetting to record the events of the shift

Therefore, we have included the ability to make all logbook entries editable until they are reviewed and locked. 

All fields of a logbook entry are editable:

  • Time

  • Location

  • Vehicle

  • Odometer (if required)

In order to edit any field, hold down your finger on that field until the cursor appears. Then simply enter the accurate information.

If you forget to end a work period, break or shift you can always edit any of the fields to the accurate information. 


All modifications to entries in your Logmate electronic logbook will be recorded for auditing purposes and highlighted so that the change is clearly identifiable.

The original data values are also stored and included in the Shift Modifications' log for auditing purposes.

Pro tip: When you are satisfied that your electronic logbook entry is true and accurate you can review and lock your shift. After the required rest period you will be able to start your next shift.

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