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We keep your digital logbook data safely secured and accessible even when you no longer have a subscription

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At Logmate our priority is to assist you in staying compliant and simplifying your logbook requirements. A major part of this is managing the storage and accessibility of the data created when using your Logmate Digital Logbook. 

Only a Driver and the Transport Operator(s) associated to the vehicles driven have access to your Logbook data. Enforcement Officers can only access your logbook if they officially request it for inspection.

Refer to our Privacy Policy for more information.

Data Storage Location and Duration

We utilise a cloud based data storage system to ensure your data is securely stored. A huge benefit is our ability to store your logbook entries indefinitely. Current legislation requires you to keep a copy of your logbook for 12months after the date of the last entry. Our technology means that you can always fulfil this requirement, even if accidents happen (such as losing your phone). 

Pro tip: Your data is also still accessible even if you no longer have a paid subscription with Logmate to make sure you are always compliant.

The Journey Of Your Data

When you first start using your new Logmate Digital Logbook, you will most likely make some test entries to help you get used to using the app. To make sure you are acting lawfully and only have one copy of your logbook we suggest you Add a Comment to each entry stating 'trialing only'. In the case you are required to produce your logbook for an Enforcement Officer you can present your current logbook (whether that be paper or another electronic version) and show that within your Logmate Digital Logbook you are just trying it out.

Note: All entries made in your Logmate Digital Logbook will remain in your logbook permanently and cannot be removed. 

When you're feeling confident using your new Logmate Digital Logbook simply add a comment on your next shift stating 'Logmate is now my official logbook' and stop making entries in your previous logbook (make sure you keep your old logbook for 12months to stay compliant)

Transport Operators

As a Transport Operator you have access to every logbook entry from all drivers that are operating under your TSL. This means if you have a fleet of 100 drivers you no longer have to worry about collecting 100 daily entries and you no longer have to file and store 100 copies of driver logbooks for 12months.

Having logbook entries stored electronically also allows you to identify any violations, and easily keep track of records and find specific entries instantly.

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