One extremely important aspect of a logbook entry is the time and date. This is a legal requirement by the NZ Work Time and Logbook Laws so we have to ensure the accuracy of the entries into your Digital Logbook

We do this by requesting the exact time and date on your device and then verifying that against the Network Time Protocol (NTP). If for any reason the time on your device is not close enough to the NTP value then you will receive an NTP Date Time Variance Error and not be able to save your shift record. 

The simplest way to ensure you minimise your chances of running into this error is ensure in your device settings your Date and Time is set to update automatically. This means any changes due to daylight savings or time zones will update without any manual interference and keep your date and time accurate. 

Below are the instructions on what to do on two of the most common operating systems (Android and iOS). Your specific device may be slightly different to the images below.


Apple iOS

Navigate to your device Settings -> General -> Date & Time and slide the Set Automatically to the right.


Navigate to your device Settings ->General Management -> Date & Time and slide the Set Automatically to the right.

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