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How Do I Check My Logmate App Version Number?
How Do I Check My Logmate App Version Number?

Step-by-step guide to check what Version of the Logmate App you are running

Updated over a week ago

Making sure you are using the most up to date version of the Logmate App is really important.

At Logmate we are continually working on improving the tools we provide our Users. Additionally, as the technology we use evolves we have to make sure that the Logmate App will continue to function correctly to ensure our Users won't face any disruptions.

However, you will only benefit from these changes if you update your App as we release new versions. Additionally, we will not always be able to guarantee support for older version of the App.

Logmate is currently running on VERSION 2.5.0

Checking your App Version is really simple, and Updating Your Logmate App is even easier.

Step One: Open The Side Menu In The Logmate App

Step Two: Click About

Step Three: View Your Version Number

If you are running anything older than the most recent version highlighted at the top of this article please update your Logmate App today!!

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