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Device Security Method Not Found?
Device Security Method Not Found?
Updated over a week ago

From Version 2.6.2 of the Logmate App we now require a two step process for log in (which you can learn about HERE). If you don't currently utilise your devices security features you will need to add one of them in order to continue to access your Logmate Logbook.

If you see the error message that looks like the screenshot below then you will need to follow the steps in the following article in order to complete your Identity Verification:

Why Has This Changed?

As an NZTA approved electronic logbook we have minimum specifications produced by the NZTA that we have to meet in order to maintain our approval status. This ranges from certain notifications we have to support, how work-time is calculated and how logbook copies are shared. It also included specific mention on account security and log-in processed.

We often received feedback from our customers that they want the log-in process to be really easy and simple. We also have to balance this with the requirements from the NZTA to be secure and robust. By utilising the security features on your device we believe we are able to satisfy both sides of the coin.

By inputing your Drivers Licence and password you are logging into your Driver Account. You will remain logged in so long as you don't log out, fully close down the application or restart your device. Therefore, if you are logged into your Driver Account all you need to do is simple authenticate your identity by utilising the security features already available on your device and you are good to go.

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