App is stuck, I'm stuck

What should you do when your app becomes unresponsive

Updated over a week ago

First please make sure you have confirmed your email address and have an active account with Logmate. If you aren't sure please contact our team (Email Confirmation Article)

If you find yourself stuck and the App becomes unresponsive, please try the following steps.

  1. Do a profile reload (Article HERE)

  2. Do a full sign out & then sign in again:

    1. Go into the side menu

    2. Click on Sign Out

    3. Press the 'X' in the top left corner

  3. Close The Logmate App From The Background:

    1. How to do this will vary depending on your device

  4. Restart Your Device

  5. Check App permissions:
    After first installing or after your device has been upgraded, you need to Allow Logmate to access your Location, etc.
    Make sure you Allow All prompts

If you have done the above, or have another issue please submit a Support request.

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