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Why Won't My Logmate App Detect My Location?
Why Won't My Logmate App Detect My Location?

Find out how to fix issues regarding your GPS

Updated over a week ago

We utilise your device to provide GPS co-ordinates from which we can generate a human-readable (& NZTA compliant) location description.

Some phones, particularly older model &/or lower spec'd ones, may have a noticeable lag when it comes to updating the location. 

There are a few troubleshooting steps you can take to get an accurate location populated in your logbook. 

1. Be patient

Sometimes your device can be a little slow off the mark in generating your GPS co-ordinates. When making a logbook entry, if the location field is empty simply:

  • Wait 20sec

  • Hold your finger down on the target next to the location field and press load

2. Turn Off Wifi

Sometimes wifi networks can cause the GPS coordinates of your device to be inaccurate. Using mobile data rather than wifi will remedy this.

3. Update Apps

  • You might check to see if your "maps" or Logmate application might need an update. 

  • Go to Google Play or Apple App store and look for available updates

4. Restart Your Phone

  • There's a chance the location issues may have something to do with your device's network or data settings. 

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