You will find more drivers are switching to the convenience of an electronic logbook. 

This switch to technology is not only great for drivers and transport operators but also assists enforcement officers by simplifying the process of inspecting logbooks.

In order to take a copy of a Drivers logbook who is using Logmate, just follow these simples steps:

Note: Step one and two may be completed by the driver

Step One: Tap the ☰ button in the top left of the screen

Tap 'Enforcement ' in Menu

Step Three: Select the shifts you wish to export and tap "Next"

Enter your CVIU or Officer identification number, email address and tap "Submit"

EXPORT COMPLETE screen should appear

An email should arrive in your inbox within a few moments (if in coverage)

Note: If you are out of network coverage you will have to use the "Access Token" generated to access the drivers logbook when back in coverage

Take a look at our article " Download an Exported Logbook" to learn how to use this Access Token to get access to a drivers logbook

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