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How Do I Record Time Spent On The Ferry?
How Do I Record Time Spent On The Ferry?
Updated over a week ago

Anytime spent on a Ferry which is greater than 1 hour should be recorded as a break in your logbook. The break starts at the time of departure and ends at the ferries arrival time.

When the ferry arrives at its destination you can continue to work you remaining work-time balance. If you are in excess of your available hours you may find a place of storage or safe parking so long as the time this takes is not greater than 1 hour from the arrival time of the ferry. You must then End Your Shift and take a continuous 10 hour rest break.

Note: If you exceed your work-time allowances please 'Add A Comment' that outlines the ferry trip. In the event that an officer reviews your logbook, they will be able to confirm the circumstances.

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