Split shifts are a very common method of working, especially in the Transportation Industry. In order to record a split shift you first need to have a good understanding of the NZ Work Time Rules.

In summary, since you a required to have a continuous rest break of 10 hours within a 24 hour period you only have 14 hours available to work. 

  • For example if you started your first work period at 6 am, you would need to finish your work day by 8pm to make sure you have 10 hours of rest. 

  • The structure of that 14 hour window is completely up to you as a driver. 

Pro tip: Your digital logbook is like a time card; by starting a shift you are opening up your work day and by ending it you are closing your work day

To reflect "split shift work" in your digital logbook: 

  • Start your shift when you begin your work day and work for as long as desired (including rest breaks if needed)

  • When you want to "end you first shift for the day" take a rest break (DO NOT END SHIFT)

  • When you want to "start your second shift of the day" simply click Drive or Other Duties to resume your work period. 

  • When you are finished all work for the day and can commit to a continuous 10 hour rest break click the "End Shift" button.


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