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How Do I Record Split Shifts In My Digital Logbook?
How Do I Record Split Shifts In My Digital Logbook?

What do I do if I work early mornings and then late afternoons?

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We define a split shift as two work periods separated by a rest break that is less than 10 hours in duration. If you plan on taking a rest break longer than 10 hours you would End Your Shift and Start a new one when you return to work after that 10 hour period.

This is because the NZTA defines a work day as a 14 hour window of work and a 10 hour continuous rest break.

  • For example if you started your first work period at 6 am, you would need to finish your work day by 8pm to make sure you have 10 hours of rest. 

  • The structure of that 14 hour window is completely up to you as a driver. 

Pro tip: Your digital logbook is like a time card; by starting a shift you are opening up your work day and by ending it you are closing your work day

Recording A Split Shift

  1. Start your shift when you begin your work day and work for as long as desired (including rest breaks if needed)

  2. When you want to "end you first stint of work for the day" take a rest break (DO NOT END SHIFT). Remember this break will count towards your total 14 hour work day.

  3. When you want to "start your second stint of work for the day" simply click Drive or Other Duties to resume your work period. 

  4. When you are finished all work for the day and can commit to a continuous 10 hour rest break click the "End Shift" button.


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