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Learn how to access your Logmate account

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Since keeping a Logbook is a legal requirement the authenticity of the entries and security of your stored data has to be maintained. Therefore, here at Logmate we place a huge importance on the security of your account.

To access your Logmate Digital Logbook app you will need:

  • Your drivers license number

  • Your password

  • To pass User Authentication based on your mobile phone system settings.

To access your Driver Admin Portal you will need:

  • Your email address

  • Your password

Pro tip: When you first create your account you will need to Activate your Account by confirming your email address. 

If you ever find you have difficulties accessing your account try the following steps. If none of these work then please contact our Customer Support Team:

Logging in requires:

  • an active Network connection, 

  • all App permissions to be accurate, 

  • and 20Mb of available storage on your device

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