Since keeping a Logbook is a legal requirement the authenticity of the entries and security of your stored data has to be maintained. Therefore, here at Logmate we place a huge importance on the security of your account.

To access your Logmate Digital Logbook app you will need:

  • Your drivers license number

  • Your password

  • Either a 4 digit pin or biometrics (see note below)

To access your Driver Admin Portal you will need:

  • Your email address

  • Your password

Pro tip: When you first create your account you will need to Activate your Account by confirming your email address. 

Note: To make it easier to securely access your account when using the same device you will be prompted to use a 4 digit pin or biometrics for log in. Your 4 digit pin will last approximately 7 days or until you log out of your account (whichever occurs first) before requesting you to re-authenticate your device

If you ever find you have difficulties accessing your account try the following steps. If none of these work then please contact our Customer Support Team:

Note: Logging in requires:

  •  an active Network connection, 

  • all App permissions to be accurate, 

  • and 20Mb of available storage on your device

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