When one of the drivers operating under your TSL notifies you they will now be using Logmate's digital logbook you will start to receive copies of their logbook via email by default. 

This default setting works well for Owner Operators who only receive copies of their own logbook. However, if you are a Transport Operator with multiple drivers the amount of emails you receive will quickly become overwhelming. 

One of the positives mentioned in our Article 'Benefits of Logmate For Transport Operators' is the ability to centralise all of your drivers logbooks in one place. This makes receiving emails at the end of every drivers shift unnecessary. 

In order to stop receiving email copies of your drivers digital logbooks first Set Up A Transport Operator Account and then follow these steps:

Log In to Your Operator Admin Portal

Click on your company name in the top left corner and click on Account

Uncheck receive driver logs by email and click the blue Save button

You will no longer receive copies of your drivers digital logbooks via email.

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