At anytime you can log into your Operator Admin Portal and export copies of your drivers digital logbook. You can only export one drivers logbook at a time; however, you can export one shift at a time or all the shifts at once. 

Note: Currently all logbooks export in a PDF format.

First you will need log into your Operator Admin Portal and on the left hand side bar click on Drivers

From here you can search the driver you are looking for

And they will show up as either Online or Offline depending on their current status. Click on the drivers name.

At the bottom of the screen you will see a list of all the shifts for that driver

Select the shifts you want to export, or press the top box to select all shifts. Then click the blue Export button in the top right.

You will then see a green banner appear at the top of your screen, and should receive an email with the exported logbook shifts

When you click on the Download Now button you will be taken to our Enforcement Portal to download the PDF of the shifts requested.

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