Note: If you have just created your account you will have to activate it by confirming your email address before you can gain access 

While we continue to work towards making sure you have a seamless experience using you Logmate Digital Logbook sometimes you might face some issues logging into your account. If you are having an issue logging into the App, follow these troubleshooting steps: 

  • Ensure that your device keyboard is not automatically capitalising the first character of your password
  • Try logging into your Driver Admin Portal (this confirms the issue is not password related) 
  • Try logging into your Logmate Digital Logbook one more time

If you managed to successfully log in to your Driver Admin Portal, but are still not able to access your Logmate Digital Logbook app, try the following:

  • Restart your phone and try again
  • Uninstall the App, re-install and try again
  • Complete a password reset ensuring that you use a different password and try the steps again

Post App Upgrade

You might find after updating you Logmate Digital Logbook App you have difficulties accessing your account.  We advise you try the above steps to regain access. If you are still having difficulties try logging on on a different device. 

Pro tip: If you still aren't able to access your account please contact our Customer Support Team

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