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How Your Digital Logbook Helps You Stay Compliant
How Your Digital Logbook Helps You Stay Compliant

Learn about how we have integrated the work-time rules into your digital logbooks functions

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The Logmate Digital Logbook allows drivers to get insight into their compliance requirements and receive assistance in adhering to the NZ work time rules. We believe technology has the ability to give a helping hand and make things simple.

This article shows how our Digital Logbook assists you in staying complaint through a variety of features that give you real-time insight into your work time balances and rest requirements.

Before continuing this article we suggest you check out our article 'Understand The NZ Work-Time Rules'.

The Traffic Light Concept

In your Digital Logbook, you will receive real-time feedback using our traffic light concept.

Shift Balances

At the top of your main screen you will see two circle images. Each circle will continue to fill as your total increases and will change colour depending on the urgency.

  • Period: The left-hand circle shows Your Work Period balance. Your work-time will continue to add to this total until your continuous rest period of 24 hours is taken. 

  • Shift: On Duty: The right-hand image shows the duration of your Work Shift from when you started it to the current time. As you continue your Work Shift your balance will increase until you 'End Your Shift'.

Starting Work Time

  • Regardless of whether you are starting a new Work Day or Work Period; you will know you are good to go when your dashboard looks like the image below.

  • When you start a New Work Shift you are also starting your new Work Day.

  • If starting a new shift would be in violation of the work time rules the Start New Shift button will be red and the timer will be in red displaying how long until you will no longer be in violation.

Orange Warnings

  • When you are within 15-minutes of being required to Take A Rest Break or End Your Shift the countdown timer on your dashboard will appear in orange.

  • It will also be in orange if you are currently on an in-shift rest break. You can return to on-duty prior to the countdown timer reaching 0 and turning green. However, the rest-break will not count and will instead be added to your on-duty time.

  • This will only appear as a violation if you have already reached your 5 and a half hours (or 7 hours for small passenger service driver) limit.


When you End Your Work Shift you will be asked to Review & Lock. This will pull up your Work Shift summary. If there are any work-time violations during your shift they will appear in red.

If you feel like the violation is due to an inaccurate entry read our article 'Editing Logbook Entries'.

Work Days and Work Periods

The minimum required rest breaks for starting a new Work Day (minimum 10 hours) and/or a new Work Period (minimum 24 hours) is calculated for you by the Digital Logbook automatically.

  • When you click to Start A New Work Shift we look back to see how long it has been since you ended your last On-Duty work period.

  • If it has been less than 10 hours it will show as a violation in your logbook, and not meet your minimum rest requirements to start a new Work Day

  • If it has been more than 10 hours but less than 24 hours you will start a new Work Day but continue in the same Work Period

  • If it has been more than 24 hours you will start both a new Work Day and new Work Period

Note: The Traffic Light Concept is a tool used to assist you as a driver in adhering to your work time requirements. They are to be used as a suggestion of your status. You are responsible for all entries in your own digital logbook!!

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