When you create an account with Logmate we automatically grant you a 21 day free trial to help you get familiar with the Logmate Digital Logbook app. 

Towards the end of this trial you will receive an email with the subject 'Time for an Upgrade' letting you know your free trial is coming to an end. 

To buy a subscription and continue using your Logmate digital logbook please follow these steps: 

Step One: Navigate to your Driver Admin Portal and log in using your email address and password

Step Two: Click on Subscriptions

Step Three: Click Billing Portal

Step Four: Click on Payment Methods to add your credit card details

Step Five: Add Payment Method

Step Six: Add your Billing and Shipping Addresses

Step Six: Click on your driver plan to make sure your purchase is complete

Bonus Step: If you see the Red 'Subscription Required' button appear,  press it and click Sync to register your subscription.

Note: If you ever need to update your payment information please read our article 'Managing Your Subscription' to learn how 

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