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How can I fix mistakes in my logbook?
How can I fix mistakes in my logbook?

Mistakes happen, and they are easy to fix

Updated over a week ago

Edits can only be made to entries in your current cumulative work day. Once you lock your shift you will no longer be able to make changes to your entry.

If you made a mistake in your logbook and the shift is still open read our article 'Editing Logbook Entries'. All original information will be recorded in the modifications section of your logbook for auditing purposes.

If you have already locked your shift you will have to add a comment in your new work shift explaining the mistake. YOU will then need to track your own cumulative work period (ensuring you stay under 70 hours) until your next 24 hour rest period. You can learn more about adding comments by reading our article 'Add Comments To Your Entries'.

Pro tip: Take extra time reviewing your shift before you lock it. As a driver you are responsible for making sure all entries are accurate and true.



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