If you are required to keep a logbook, you will also be required to drive under a Transport Service License (TSL). This can be your own if you are an owner/operator or the TSL of the Transport Operator that you work for. 

There are three ways you can add a new Transport Operator to your digital logbook subscription.

  1. When adding a new vehicle in your digital logbook app, learn more
  2. Simply adding a new TSL holder in your digital logbook app, learn more
  3. Through your Driver Admin Portal

This article will show you how to see your Transport Operators and how to add new ones.

First log in to your Driver Admin Portal, then click on Logbook and Operators in the left hand side bar.

Here you can see information about all the TSL Holders you are approved to drive under. If you would like to add a new Transport Operator click on the green Add Operator button in the top right corner.

To add a new Transport Operator simply fill out their information and click save

Important Information

  • When you click save the Transport Operator will receive an email saying you wish to use Logmate as your digital logbook provider.
  • If your Transport Operator would like to find out more about how they could benefit from using Logmate for their business please refer them to the Logmate website
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