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Your Transport Service Licence (TSL) Holders
Your Transport Service Licence (TSL) Holders

View the current TSL Holders your digital logbook is linked to and add new ones

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If you are required to keep a logbook, you will also be required to drive under a Transport Service License (TSL). This can be your own if you are an owner/operator or the TSL of the Transport Operator that you work for. 

How Do I Connect With My TSL Holder on Logmate?

There are four ways you can connect with a TSL Holder on Logmate.

  1. When adding a new vehicle in your digital logbook app, learn more

  2. Simply adding a new TSL holder in your digital logbook app, learn more

  3. Adding a new Operator through your Driver Admin Portal, learn more

  4. Accepting an invite from a Transport Operator, learn more

How Do I Make Sure My TSL Holders Receive Copies Of My Logbook?

We use the combination of vehicle record and assigned TSL holder to determine who needs to receive a copy. So whatever TSL Holder is assigned to the vehicle you use while making an entry in your logbook will receive a copy of that logbook record via email once you lock it.

Note: Your TSL Holder does not have to have an Operator Account on Logmate for you to be able to use their TSL. It will remain in a pending state but will be available to use in your Logbook.

Important Information

  • When you add a new TSL Holder we will let them know you are using Logmate as your new Logbook as well as invite them to create an Operator Account on the platform.

  • If your Transport Operator would like to find out more about how they could benefit from using Logmate for their business please refer them to the Logmate website

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