At anytime you can log into your Driver Admin Portal and export copies of your digital logbook. You can export one shift at a time or all your shifts at once. 

Note: Currently all logbooks export in a PDF format.

First you will need log into your Driver Admin Portal and on the left hand side bar click on Logbook and then Shift List

From your shift list you can view all the shifts you have logged in your digital logbook. Simply select the shifts you want to export or click the top box to select all.

Alternatively, you can search for specific shifts using the search function at the top right of your screen.

When you are happy with the shifts you have selected click on the blue Export button

You will see a green banner at the top of your screen indicating that your exported logbook will be sent to the email address associated with your account.

You will receive an email from Click on the Download Now link to be taken to the Logmate Enforcement Portal.

Here you will be able to download your exported PDF electronic logbook from Logmate

Viewing Previous Exports

In your Driver Admin Portal you will be able to view all previous logbook exports. Once logged in, on the side bar click on Logbook and Exports.

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