If you have previously held and cancelled a subscription with Logmate or your trial has come to an end you will need to purchase a new subscription to regain access to your Digital Logbook. 

Please follow along with these steps to get back up and running as soon as possible.

Step One: Navigate to your Driver Admin Portal and log in using your email address and password

Step Two: Click on Subscriptions

Step Three: Click + Add Subscription

Step Four: Enter all required information and click Subscribe

Step Five: Add Billing Address

Step Six: Add Payment Details

Step Seven: Double check all information the click the Pay & Subscribe button

Step Eight: Click Close

Step Nine: Back in the Logmate App, if you see the Red 'Subscription Required' button appear,  press it and click Sync to register your subscription.

If you ever need to update your payment information please read our article 'Managing Your Subscription' to learn how 

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