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Add Individual Drivers To Your TSL
Add Individual Drivers To Your TSL

Follow this article to learn how to associate drivers with your TSL number so you can get real time access to their Digital Logbook

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The connection between Driver and TSL holder can be initiated by either party. This article outlines how to add an individual driver to your TSL number. Some other articles which relate to this relationship include:

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  • Add Your Operators In The Logmate App (for drivers)

  • Your Transport Operators (for drives)

Before you can link drivers to your TSL you will need to:

Step One

In you Operator Admin Portal you will see a button titled Drivers in the side menu.

When you click on this button it will pull up all drivers currently linked to your TSL and group them by whether they are on or off duty in real time. 

Note: If you received an email request from a driver who operates under your TSL to start using a Logmate digital logbook they will automatically appear here.

Step Two

If you want to add a new driver to operate under your TSL click on the green New Driver button in the top right corner of your screen

Step Three

Step Four: Driver Already Has A Logmate Account

You will be prompted to add them as a driver and/or an admin (this will give them access to the Operator Admin portal). They will be sent an email asking whether they accept or decline your request. 

If it's accepted they will be added to your drivers list.

Step Five: Driver Doesn't Have A Logmate Account

If we can not find an account associated with the drivers licence number you entered it means this driver does not have an account with Logmate. You will be asked to fill in their name and email address to send them an invitation to create a Logmate Account. 

If it's accepted they will be added to your drivers list.

Pro Tip: If you have multiple drivers you are trying to add a one time you can Bulk Import them through uploading a .csv file. Read our article "Bulk Add Drivers To Your TSL" to find out how. 

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