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How Do I Edit The TSL Holder Of My Vehicle?
How Do I Edit The TSL Holder Of My Vehicle?

This article will show you how to edit the TSL holder of your vehicle both on the Logmate App and in the Driver Admin

Updated over a week ago

Having the correct TSL Holder assigned to your vehicle is extremely important because it determines who gets a copy of your logbook every-time your shift is closed and locked. This is not only for your convenience as a driver but is a legal requirement that the Logmate platforms helps you fulfil.

You are able to update the TSL holder of your vehicle on the Logmate Digital Logbook App

In the Logmate App navigate to the side menu

And click on Vehicles

Select the vehicle record that you need to change the TSL holder for

Press on the exisiting TSL Holder if you are switching to another TSL Holder already loaded on your account or click the '+' button to add a new TSL holder

Now click on the blue "Save" button to save the changes made to your vehicle record

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