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How Do Logmate Subscriptions Work?
How Do Logmate Subscriptions Work?

What does having a Logmate subscription mean?

Updated over a week ago

Logmate is a Software-as-a-Service which means you are charged a fee to use it. Currently our only subscription on Logmate is for the Driver Logbook which can be purchased by both Drivers for themselves or by an Operator who can assign to their drivers. When you Create A Driver Account you automatically will be assigned a FREE 21 day trial.

  • You do not have to provide any payment information to access your free trial

  • Your trial starts automatically on the day you create your account

  • Any entries made in your logbook while on trial are still official logbook entries (if you are just doing test entries make sure to add a comment stating this)

If you want to continue using the service you will need to purchase a subscription. For more details please refer to:

You will automatically be charged on the same date each month for your logbook subscription. You will be notified via email prior to this charge taking place, as well as if we were successful (or not) in processing your payment. If your payment fails we will try again for the next 2 days after which point we will cancel your subscription.

Pro tip: You only require one active subscription at any one time. 

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