When you sign up to Logmate and Create A Driver Account you automatically will be assigned a free 21 day trial to a digital logbook.

Note: To find out more about trialing your new logbook please read 'The Journey Of Your Data' section in our article 'Data Storage'. 

If you are happy with your new digital logbook from Logmate and want to continue using the service you will need to purchase a subscription. Logmate is a Software-as-a-Service which means you are charged a fee to use it. For more details please refer to:

Your Subscription covers the ongoing costs for us to keep Logmate running; think Servers, Databases, Networks, Upgrades, Developers etc.

At the end of each month a charge will be processed against the billing information you have provided. Drivers will see a notification in the app a couple of days prior to each payment. If this payment fails, you will be notified via email and will need to purchase a new one.

Pro tip: You only require one active subscription at any one time. 

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