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Add Your Operators In The Logmate App
Add Your Operators In The Logmate App

You can add the TSL number for all transport operators you drive for within your digital logbook

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When operating as a commercial driver in New Zealand you are required to operate under a Transport Service Licence (TSL). This TSL could be held by yourself or held by the person/company you are operating for. At Logmate we use the TSL you assign to your vehicle to help with the correct delivery of your logbook.

To add a new Operator and their TSL details click on the Operator Icon in the bottom bar of the main dashboard and then click on the + icon

You can choose to either:

  1. Search your phone contacts for the contact information of your TSL Holder or,

  2. Enter their details manually

Fill in all the required details, then click the blue Save button in the top right corner.

The Transport Operator will receive an email informing them you will now be providing them copies of your logbook automatically using your Logmate digital logbook. 

Note: If you no longer drive under a Transport Operators TSL you will need to contact them directly to remove you from their drivers list, learn more.

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