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How Do I Accept An Operator Invite?
How Do I Accept An Operator Invite?

An Operator can send you an invitation to provide them access with your work-time information in Logmate

Updated over a week ago

The easiest way to accept (or decline) an invitation from an Operator is through your Driver Admin Portal.

Step One: Log In To Your Driver Admin Portal

Click HERE to be taken to our login page

Step Two: Click On Logbook

Clicking on Logbook will display additional page options.

Step Three: Click on Operators

Here you will see the list of all of your Associated Opertors and the state of your relationship with them

Step Four: Make your Decision

Here you can see all your Operator relationships.

  • If they are in an approved state then that Operator has access to your work-time history

  • If they are in a pending state you will be able to accept or decline the request

  • If an Operator is not visible you will need to contact that Operator directly and ask them to add you as a Driver.

Note: If you can't see the Approve/Decline buttons next to a pending invite you may need to turn you phone into landscape mode for the buttons to appear.

When you accept an invitation from an Operator:

  1. They will be able to see your work-time history

  2. A TSL Holder record will be created to assign to your vehicle

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