When an Operator adds you as a Driver in Logmate you will receive an email notification of the request. However, sometimes emails aren't always easy to find.

The easiest way to accept (or decline) an invitation from an Operator is through your Driver Admin Portal.

Step One: Log In To Your Driver Admin Portal

Click HERE to be taken to our login page

Step Two: Click On Logbook

Clicking on Logbook will display additional page options.

Step Three: Click On Operators

Operators have the ability to view your work-time history

Step Four: Make your Decision

Here you can see all your Operator relationships.

  • If they are in an approved state then that Operator has access to your work-time history

  • If they are in a pending state you will be able to accept or decline the request

  • If an Operator is not visible you will need to contact that Operator directly and ask them to add you as a Driver.

When you accept an invitation from an Operator:

  1. They will be able to see your work-time history

  2. A TSL Holder record will be created to assign to your vehicle

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