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Delivering Copies Of My Logbook
Delivering Copies Of My Logbook

How to make sure copies of your logbook are delivered to the people and/or companies you worked for in that shift.

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One of the most important aspects of Logbook Compliance in New Zealand is ensuring the delivery of copies of your Logbook to the people and/or companies that provided you work during your Cumulative Work Day.

Using Logmates' Digital Logbook simplifies this requirement to ensure it happens automatically. However, there is a little set up involved prior to starting your shift to make sure the delivery happens smoothly.

1. Adding A TSL Holder

We use the TSL Holder record as our way of knowing who you want copies of your logbook to be delivered to.

Read our Article "Your TSL Holders" to learn how to add a new TSL Holder in Logmate.

2. Assigning A TSL Holder To Your Vehicle Record

When you create a new vehicle record you will need to assign a TSL Holder record to it. This is how you indicate who has provided you work when operating the vehicle.

You can either:

3. Ensuring Delivery Of Your Logbook

The Logmate System will automatically deliver a copy of your logbook to all TSL Holders associated with the vehicle records used within that shift when it is Locked.

So if you have correctly set up your Vehicle Record and associated TSL Holder then you will not have to worry about it again unless you start driving a new vehicle or change employers.

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