All the information you need to use Logmate effectively as a driver

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Logging Into The AppGetting access to your Logmate Digital Logbook
Add Vehicles In Your Logmate AppAdd new vehicles from within your Digital Logbook
Recording Other Employment In Your Digital LogbookIf you do any commercial driving the requires you to keep a logbook, you also have to record all other paid employment
Recording Vehicle DistanceFor vehicles subject to Road User Charges (RUCs) keep track of your driving distance in your Digital Logbook
Starting A ShiftYou're all signed up and ready to start driving. Find out how to start a shift in your Digital Logbook.
Taking Rest BreaksLearn how to record your rest breaks in your Digital Logbook
Ending A ShiftLearn how to end your shift in your digital logbook
Editing Logbook EntriesWe all know mistakes happen. Learn how to edit your logbook to make sure you have made accurate entries before locking your shift
Reviewing & Locking Your ShiftHow to lock your shift in your Digital Logbook
Add Comments To Your EntriesIt is good practice to include as much detail as possible into your logbook entries
Add Your Operators In The Logmate AppYou can add the TSL number for all transport operators you drive for within your digital logbook
Switching VehiclesLearn how to switch between different vehicles in the same shift
Recording Days OffDays off have to be recorded to ensure you are staying compliant
Reload Profile Data and Sync SubscriptionSteps to reconnect your digital logbook app to the server
Device Security MethodA second layer of protection
Work-time & Rest Break Notifications