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Managing Your Driver Subscriptions As A Transport Operator
Managing Your Driver Subscriptions As A Transport Operator

You can manage the subscriptions of all your drivers from one location

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After a driver has accepted your invitation to become one of your drivers on the Logmate Platform they will need to have a Logbook Subscription in order to use the Logmate Digital Logbook. There are two ways a driver operating under your TSL number can have a Logmate digital logbook subscription:

  • The driver can purchase their own subscription and mange it themselves. You will still be able to see all their logbook entries, work-time balances and violations to satisfy your Worksafe requirements. To learn more read the articles Creating A Driver Account and Buying A Subscription

  • Alternatively, you can purchase and manage subscriptions for your drivers through your Operator Admin Portal

Which option you choose depends on your specific business needs and operations. To learn more go to the Pricing Page on our website!!

Note: Drivers only need to hold one active subscription. If you want to provide a subscription to a driver who already holds one you will need to get that driver to cancel their existing subscription first.

Buying Subscriptions

To purchase Logmate digital logbook subscriptions, first login to your Operator Admin Portal and navigate to Subscriptions on the left hand side of your screen

Click the green add subscription button in the top right of your screen

Fill in all the required information and press the blue Subscribe button

Note: If you already have a subscription you will not be able to add a new one. Keep reading to find out how to change the number of logbook licenses you hold

You will be taken to our Billing Portal to fill out your billing information

You should now be able to see your active subscription in your Subscription History

Assigning Logbook Subscriptions To Drivers

Once you have purchased a Logmate digital logbook subscription(s) you will be able to assign them to your driver(s). On your subscriptions page click on the blue 'Logbook License (monthly / driver)' button

Next, click on the blue Licenses tab 

Here you will see all the digital logbooks licenses you currently hold. Additionally, you can see their invitation status, account status, and the driver name and license number if they have already been assigned. 

Pro tip: If you have a large driver fleet you can search to see if you have already assigned a driver a subscription in the top right corner.

To assign a new driver to a subscription click on a license number that is "available"

If you have already Added Drivers Under Your TSL you can select them from the existing user drop down (they will only appear if they are not already assigned to a license)

If you want add a new driver under your TSL and provide a subscription at the same time fill out the New User section.

Managing Subscriptions

As your driver fleet changes you want to be able to remove drivers from subscriptions and change the number of subscriptions you hold.

First, click on your subscription 'Logbook License (monthly / driver)'

1) If you are wanting to remove a driver from a subscription, click on the blue Licenses tab 

And then the license that has the driver assigned that you want to remove

Finally, click the read Un-assign User button

Note: If you are wanting to reduce the amount of subscription licenses you hold you will first have to un-assign that number of drivers 

2) To cancel your subscription or the number of logbook licenses you hold click the corresponding buttons

Important Information: You will be charged based on the number of logbook licenses you hold on a monthly basis.

  • If you add more subscriptions during your billing cycle they will be charged at a pro-rated rate.

  • If you cancel subscriptions they will remain active until the end of the current billing cycle.

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